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Kazuki Workshop has been a long time coming, ever since Kazuki started mulling over the idea to create her own fashion brand that reflects her passion for size-inclusivity and preference for gender-neutral fashion three years ago.

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Apparel Resources: Japanese designer launches a gender-neutral brand in New York City

Japan-based designer, Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska has launched Kazuki Workshop which is a gender-neutral, made-to-order luxury streetwear brand in New York. The brand is based on the core of inclusivity and diversity by being body positive and genderless and it caters to a wide range of sizes with a touch of luxury in streetwear.

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Fashion United: Luxury Streetwear Brand Kazuki Workshop Launches in NYC

Japanese designer Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska has officially launched Kazuki Workshop, a gender-neutral, made-to-order luxury streetwear brand based in New York City.

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The Spin Off: Why Kazuki Workshop is the new responsible cool.

Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska, Japanese fashion designer and entrepreneur, has launched Kazuki Workshop, a new gender-free and size-inclusive luxury streetwear brand in June 2023.

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Kazuki Workshop Is Heaven Made

Who doesn’t love a size inclusive gender neutral fashion brand?! Kazuki Workshop wants everyone who wears her clothing to feel like their authentic selves without all the drama. This New York City based brand does all its manufacturing in NYC as it tries to stay as sustainable as possible. Please read on to learn more about Kazuki, her Workshop, and her next fashion brand Wings of Color.

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Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska of Kazuki Workshop On The 5 Things You Need To Lead a Successful Fashion Brand Today

First thing I think you need is to have a vision of what your brand to be. Is it to address a specific social statement? Is it to fill an aesthetic void in the market? Is it to share your obsession on a particular thing? Mine is a combination of a few things β€” I wanted a brand that had my Japanese aesthetics that fit as many people as possible no matter the sex, gender, or body shape. Then I think it is really important to actually express that vision, to have a cohesive β€œbranding.” That includes logos, website design, packaging, type of models you use, the aesthetics of photos you use, and how you tell your story.

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