Our Story

Kazuki Workshop has been a long time coming, ever since Kazuki started mulling over the idea to create her own fashion brand that reflects her passion for size-inclusivity and preference for gender-neutral fashion three years ago.

She found there was no brand in the US that shared her aesthetic preference for women and became frustrated with the glacial speed her industry was moving to include plus-size women—and men—in its narrative. As a founder of KEDIC Fashion Workshop which provides support to established and startup brands to move into size inclusivity, Kazuki felt that she had what it takes to create a brand that actually does that. Since she couldn't find a brand that consistently manufactured the clothing she wanted to wear, trailblazing Kazuki decided to create her own. A well-versed fashion designer since the mid ‘90s, she has always designed to fit the aesthetics each brand called for. Kazuki has worked as a designer and technical designer at Carmen Marc Valvo, Eileen Fisher, The Gap, Diane Von Furstenberg, Theory, and other notable brands throughout her career. Now instead she is looking inward to creating a collection that is truly herself.

The very first piece she developed for Kazuki Workshop is based on her grandmother’s Haori, a Kimono jacket she wears over her jeans all the time. She is now allowing herself to tap into her own aesthetic preferences heavily influenced by her Japanese upbringing - of traditional Kimono and strong impression she remembers of the “Crow Tribe” Japanese fashion design that exploded back in the 80’s.

So, we have come full circle. Hope you like what you see.